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One Day Retreat

Stay Well in Winter

Saturday 9th November 2024. 

Hurley, Berkshire.

Winter is hard on the female body, and when you’re a busy woman, you don’t have time to get sick!! 


Join this retreat and learn how to stay ahead of Winter colds/flu/viruses/sniffles/sore throats, and prepare in advance by boosting your immune system.

Do you want to finally get through a Winter season and festive period without worrying you will catch a nasty virus that takes you out of action? The kind of illness that stops you from achieving what you need to achieve and enjoying this time of year? 


Have you been told that all you need to do to boost your immune system is take certain supplements, have a flu vaccine or stay away from busy places and events?


Do you feel exhausted and frustrated with your body letting you down each year and succumbing to similar illnesses?


Have you believed that it is inevitable that you will catch at least one virus through the Winter season and if you're lucky it only means a few days in bed? 


Would you love to learn how to reinstate your body's amazing ability to heal through your immune system, and regain your Winter season with energy, joy and health? 




Then our Stay Well in Winter day retreat is for you!


If you want to feel great through Winter and avoid catching the nasty viruses that leave you feeling lousy, low on energy and frustrated with spending time in bed, then this is the retreat for you. 

On the retreat....

We’ll show you how to boost your immune system to ensure you thrive through Winter with energy and vitality. You will learn:


  • How your immune system works, how our lifestyle often diminishes it, and what it needs to repair.

  • What foods are important to eat through the Winter to bolster the immune defences in your body.

  • If supplements are necessary and if so, which ones.

  • How sleep and stress affects your immune system, and techniques to improve both.

  • What activities and exercise are best for improved immune function.

  • How breathwork can boost your immune system.

  • The importance of maintaining a heathy gut and easy ways to do this.

The body is designed to heal, and this retreat is to help restore the immune functions of your body to bring you optimal health and happiness. 

One day of life-changing lessons from a top women’s coach and hormone expert, a five-star Health Retreat Chef and Health Coach and other guest teacher.

Hi, we’re Sally and Mary,

(aka ‘Women With Sparkle’ and ‘The Natural Health Chef’) and we help busy women transform their health, balance their hormones, increase their energy and feel and look better. Read about us here


Our superpower is we know how to help women (who usually put themselves last) get incredible shifts in their mental and physical health in a short space of time.


We can help put you back on the path of true, sustainable, sparkling health!


We’ve both been sick and struggling and believed we didn’t have the time, energy or money to feel truly well again so, we know how horrible this can be BUT we also know how to move out of this place. When it comes to supporting busy women with their health so they can feel vibrant, happy and like the best version of themselves again – nobody does it quite like us.


Why not come and be looked after by us. Let us teach you, cook for you and guide you to a new level of health and happiness where you’ll feel the difference in just one day but, be inspired for life.


The Details...


9th NOVEMBER 2024


The Old Dairy, Mill Lane, Hurley, Berkshire, SL6 5ND





10.00 am Arrive to organic teas, freshly pressed juice and nourishing snacks.

10.30 – 11.30 am Empowering Workshop 1 jam - packed with expertise, knowledge, and inspiration to help you make the changes you need

11.30 am Enjoy a nourishing snack and drink from Mary, The Natural Health Chef.

11.45 am - 12.45 pm Stress-reducing, immune- boosting breathwork and meditation.

1 – 1.45 pm Be treated to a two-course health-boosting feast & enjoy a digestive tisane and uplifting treat.

1.45 – 2.15 pm Indulge in the medicine of nature and take a post-lunch walk around the grounds. Alternatively, you can take some time to rest or chat with your hosts/ask any questions.

2.15 – 3 pm Take part in a food demonstration with Mary, the Natural Health Chef

3 – 4 pm Empowering Workshop 2 filled with expertise, knowledge and inspiration to help you make the changes you need.

4 pm Enjoy a nourishing snack and drink from Mary, The Natural Health Chef.

4.15– 4.45 pm Closing Circle.

5 pm Time to leave full of nourishment and empowerment.

Please note, nut allergies cannot be catered for.

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