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Your Hosts

We’ll give you simple and sustainable ways to implement our lessons into your day-to-day life, so you’ll feel immediate shifts and confident for your ongoing success.

Sally Beaton, Women with Sparkle


Women’s holistic nutritionist, coach and speaker

Sally is a women’s holistic nutritionist, coach, speaker, and the author of ‘Get Your Sparkle Back’. Sally works with women all over the world to help them improve their hormones, health, and happiness. Her teachings have been called “life-changing” and with her sought-after knowledge, you’re in for an absolute treat as she empowers and encourages you through the 2024 retreat series.

Mary Smith, The Natural Chef


The Natural Health Chef

Mary has worked at 5* health retreats, cooked for A-list celebrities, and loves to help people feel and look their absolute best. Mary trained at the College of Naturopathic Medicine and is a qualified Natural Chef and Health Coach. Through her food and guidance, she has helped people heal their gut, restore their energy and health, reduce inflammation and so much more. Mary will be using all her skills and knowledge to nourish you throughout the retreats.

“For any women 35-110, I would highly recommend this retreat...Women with Sparkle led this day with such a wealth of information, insight and authenticity. Through the day the attention to detail gave me such a feeling of nurture and the food provided by The Natural Chef was outstanding. It has left me feeling internally clean...A group of lovely women and it was the perfect day…”  Valesca

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