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Welcome to a day just for you

Our beautifully planned women’s retreats are surrounded by luxury and nature, and we’ll take care of you from the moment you arrive. You’ll get time to rest, time to breathe, and time to feel your day-to-day stresses melting away.

Our superpower is we know how to help women (who usually put themselves last) get incredible shifts in their mental and physical health in a short space of time. We can help put you back on the path of true, sustainable, sparkling health.

We’re here to reset and restore your energy, happiness, and vitality.

"Thank you so much for hosting such a special day that made us all feel so enveloped in gorgeousness" Georgie

Nourish & Empower Retreats

“This retreat was truly the beginning of some life-changing stuff for me…This has started me on the important journey of giving back to myself...get yourself on one of these retreats people…”  Natasha

The Old Dairy, Hurley


Take a look at our upcoming nourishing and empowering retreats, we’d love to have you join us. It’s time to start living the best version of your life.

Sally Beaton and Mary Smith


Sally - is a women’s holistic nutritionist, coach, speaker.

Mary - The Natural Health Chef

vegan cheese board medley


All meals, drinks and snacks are homemade with whole foods. No processed foods or refined sugars are used.

Our retreats are for you if you…

Want to spend a day relaxing in beautiful, peaceful surroundings and feel nourished from start to finish.

Often feel tired, overwhelmed, and stressed. 

Want to feel empowered in your health now and for the future.

Feel uninspired to cook healthy, quick, and delicious meals for your family.

Struggle maintaining the energy you need to get everything done.

Feel unsure of the options when struggling with hormonal issues. 

Are sick of putting everyone else’s needs first.

Often or sometimes feel sluggish and bloated and want ways to help counteract this.

There are only two things standing between you and the health, happiness and energy you deserve (and we know you can have):

The Knowledge
The Belief

“Delightful nourishment, medicine for the soul and body. You are delivering authentic healing straight to homemade meals.” Agi

Our Retreats

Our retreats will empower you with both the wisdom and practical steps needed to make lasting changes to create the life you want. Each element has been created to motivate and inspire you and give you the belief that you can and will feel better. We’ll give you simple and sustainable ways to implement our lessons into your day-to-day life, so you’ll feel immediate shifts and confident for your ongoing success.

Sat, 24th February 2024 | The Old Dairy

New Year Cleanse, Detox & Rejuvenate

One Day Retreat.

This is your year!

Enjoy a happier you in 2024 and learn how to nourish and repair your gut to support digestion, increase happiness, decrease bloating and boost your health.

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Sat, 20th April 2024

Sat, 21st September 2024 | The Old Dairy

Natural Solutions for a Happy, Healthy Menopause

One Day Retreat.

The holistic way to support your hormones - if you'd like to explore alternative and holistic options to HRT, then this is the retreat for you.

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Sat, 9th November 2024 | The Old Dairy

Stay Well in Winter

One Day Retreat.

Immune boosting preparation for busy women.

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